How To Succeed As A Minnow on Steemit! 3 Secret Steps!

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Want to be a Pro Blogger on Steemit? I've discounted my course specifically for my YouTube viewers! Start from scratch with no experience.

Be A Pro Blogger! The Complete Steemit Cryptocurrency Course

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Great stuff :)

you got any free courses or sample of your courses.

El éxito con los bots es el éxito de los que no contamos con publico, excelente post.

does it work for small minnows too?

Good job as always grandpa Joe....Genius !! I gotta step up my videos...hehehe....but i did do one with a small skit on one of my the begining ...
Your getting better and better on your videos....Good job


Nicely done my friend @joeparys! Love the humor in here :)

I thought it was an article but then I know it an video. Anyway, Ive ever watched ur video. It was when i was juston steemit and looked for an vidoe on youtube on how to be success on steemit and I still remember u told us to post everyday and u showed how ur steemit account work that u post everyday the early of ur post its not geeting many upvote but the more day the more upvote that u get. And it inspired me a lot and i do what u told and now i see the progress of mine. Thank u so much @joepary. Wish u all the best. Have a great day.

Excelente sugerencia y Post ! Gracias @asrul.aziz

U're welcome dude :D

Ha ha ha Love the Zig Ziglar book Grandpa Joe was reading. Great book ;)

Fantastic points sir, the biggest one for me and something I'm trying to do each and every week is investing and powering up. I figured, that's the best way to build my SP and SBD up, and not wait for a whale vote or two.

If it happens, great but investing in yourself and your content is always a good game plan.

Anyone else feel like this is spam and bot abuse? Maybe he's in with Jerry on the scam?

All of the tips that you have given are really good except the bid bots. I am not a fan of them. I lost atleast 10 SBD's using them. This happened even after carefully bidding. Even if we say we are paying for promotion, then there should be some returns. In reality the case is not so. I never got any upvote beyond the first day. Even after paying for bots there was no success at all. No single upvote came even after that.

I think one good way to earn on steemit is to post with regularly and building a community with some steemians. I also think one should drop the idea of earning instant money on steemit. This platform requires patience. It will always be better to have patience on this site to achieve success. I think i would prefer to make a target of 2 years to be succesfull on steemit.

You nor doing it right

Great video, I'm doing guitar tutorials. Love your humor and great and easy to understand way of explaining. As a minnow, I got a lot from this video.


A minnow

again a very useful post....keep doing it. Cheers dude :)

Haha well done! Funny too :)

Thank you for collaborating with me to promote this post as explained at

@joeparys this rocks. I like the way that you incorporated the grandpa-like side of you into the video. The tip that holds the most weight for me is #2 which is persistence.

It's easy to quit something because it is taking longer than you though to see results. But, the people who stick it out and see this as a long-term investment, are those who tend to succeed.

If you have time, feel free to check out my recent article here to see why I dream all day about Steemit.

Thank you so much for this talk.
I'm going to steembot tracker now.

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Thanks for the video Joe! I am new here and really appreciate these tips! I want to invest for sure with my time and money!!!

thank you for making this video @joeparys . As a "minnow" as you called it, myself (i've been uploading on steemit for all of 3 days) this platform can be very confusing, but it is individuals such as yourself that make it much easier.

I'm converting over from youtube and this is a completely different world. Far more supportive, welcoming, and over all, just a wonderful experience.

Much gratitude for your work!


Thanks for that humoristic video that pretty much sums it up :
Investment in effort, time and ressources

People should understand BidBots before using them and at the moment with SBD valed to more that SP, it's not that great...

Thank you so much for this. I am new in steemit so this will help me a lot to become a pro blogger.
I already subscribe.
Now i am watching your last video.

Watching your videos from the day 1 when I joined steemit,
its really helpful and finally I am your follower on steemit as well. :-)
hoping to learn alot from you.

Thank you so much for this post, Joe! I'm definitely eager to learn more about steemit and be on here more rather than youtube.

This post has received gratitude of 29.88% from @appreciator courtesy of @joeparys!

Keep it up and written those type of cool content... it was just great to see. Thanks for your share..

Thanks @joeparys i was lucky to taje your online course which took me way ahead thank you wouldnt of done it without your online course steemit 2.0

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I've been looking for a concerned Whale to tell me this.
Thanks for sharing @joeparys

Thank you for the information. This is a great platform.

#Great quality and content.

This is the kind of content I love to see here. Thank you for making it clear and concise. I feel empowered! And also... maybe it's true, worth getting into buying steem and just keep at it! Thanks for the ideas and inspiration. I'll keep at it!

hi joe you are te best Succees man of steem
best luck o you

Good video

Learned some stuff and laughed hard! I just love the way you say "I'm a minnow!" at the beginning!! 😀

hey @joeparys this video was like a whole course. thanks much for this content

Excelente post ! nueva en Steemit @joeparys

Post Well Have Power You Will

Useless advice:

  • Educate yourself? What kind of advice is that? We're watching this video for info!
  • Be persistent? In other words, just keep waiting? What kind of advice is that?
  • Buy STEEM? What kind of advice is that? Buy your way to the top? Obviously, we're here because that's not an option for us!
  • Have a big following? DUH! And your strategy for that is... be patient?
  • Buy upvotes from bots? Totally useless advice!
  • Follow you? If the rest of your videos are as vacuous as this one, what's the point?

I'll check it out when I get paid next; Thanks, looks like it will be helpful.

here's an example of how to work!

i cant see your you tube video @joeparys. i want to be your student. but i have cash i don't have credit Bangladesh its hard to found cradit card under age of 18

You share excellent content! Keep it up! Check out my new content at crypto-savant!

Well, thank you for the advices! I'm new here and this is helpful :) I like the video and how you're talking to papajoe :P ! And do you have time for some annoying questions from a new steemian ??

Great Vid Now I understand Thank for your hard. Keep them coming.

Good to see a proper tutorial. Got any tip how to get steem over here? Only use poloniex but transfer is closed. Hopefully poloniex being sold gets another techteam in there to solve all those issues.

I have just arrived and there is so very much to learn. Thanks for helping out the minnows

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