Happy Valentine's Day STEEMIT! Send A Loved One A Message!

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Happy Valentine's Day Steemit!

In this video I share with you a little Valentine's Day Challenge!

Post in the comments below your results!

One person who comments may have a chance to win a PRIZE!

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happy valentines day to you bro, hope u enjoyed your day?

happy valentines @joeparys and to all steem community. spread love and peace


Happy Valentines day to you as well!

I have congratulated my cousin with whom I talk once a year or so. Turns out, she broke up with her boyfriend two days before that (nice timing by the BF, by the way).
So, she told me to f**k off. Well, I did what I had to do.

Happy valentine to all steemians

Nice and warm challenge... I've sended a message to a dear friend of mine this morning... He appreciated it a lot....Going trough a rough period right now... So at least he knows someone is thinking of him !!

I just called a few friends who I haven't seen in a while. A happy life is all about gratitude- appreciating what you already have and also loving and appreciating others around you. Happy Valentines Day @joeparys.

always nice to let someone close know how much they mean to you.. show and spread the love, emotions are contagious!!

The video doesn't buffer.Is it just me?

hi @joeparys i want to thank you for your great youtube videos about steemit i singed up here thanks to you and i made a few posts
happy valentines

happy valentines day to all :)

Joe thank you for posting up the video I was wondering where you were as I have been following your course and I am making good progress.
I wanted to share my valentines day which did not go off to a great start.

We usually don't celebrate valentines.

We never have, yesterday I recorded a vlog about my use of the Steem Bot Tracker after a few hours of editing the video would not render on Imovie. And other tech problems which meant I had to do a reinstall.
Feeling frustrated I wanted to give up for the day. My partner came down to see how I was and I snapped at him due to how I was feeling.
He did not snap back at me and just left and let me get on with it. Of course this did not help me at all, because I felt incredibly guilty. After 19 years being together I thought I had no right to talk to him like that.
There and then I shut the laptop and went up stairs, he was sitting there quietly on his ipad.
I said to him...

I am so sorry for what I said to you, you support me and I love you no matter what. I had no right to speak to you that way. Its valentines day today but every day with you is valentines.

Within an hour the sun started to shine and the snow started to melt quickly, so I decided lets go out for valentines.
We went out to a lovely hotel which we love, at this time of the year its quiet and secluded. Here is their website.

We ate some beautiful cuisine, I ordered a stew which came out in a bowl which was still on fire.

food .jpg

All in all what at first was a frustrating day, turned out perfect in the end. If you happen to read my morning vlog this was not yet posted as it was intended to be a seperate post afterwards.

Have a great day.

Valentine is festival of love
The love which we share, which we get from our friends family and close ones..
Love is purest Emotion..
What is love exactly..
Love is some kind of selfishness which everyone has,
Parents love is most pure but somewhere they also have selfish in that, they believe, keep expectation their children will be helpout them in their last days..
Behind every love their is little bit selfishness..
Only pure love is of our GOD who gives us everything without expecting anything from us..
Keep praying, keep loving
Happy valentine day..

Nice post .........sir . I try to learn your YouTube channel thanks my account is too low can u help me.......?

Nice video and challenge

It is a great thing. Way more important than just celebrate with "your loved one"

That is real love.