Warhammer Chaosbane - The Garden of Ursun Part 12 | Dtube Exclusive #227

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hello steemian and dtuber,back again with me jodipamungkas in my daily gaming video on dtube,today we have another mission from Gorchev,we need to found gorchev son in the garden of ursun,i think gorchev so mad with cultist,because the cultist kill them people of that city,maybe we have to solve Gorchev's problem and return to bring his child.the storyline is more interesting and don't miss all warhammer chaosbane parts,see you soon in another story line of warhammer chaosbane,peace out.

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lol I play the same way, get as many on the screen as you can.

you play this games too ?

Its new game for me but interesting. cool.

i don't know this game :)

Hmm,its okaay mr bodybuilding,thanks for stopping by 😁

@jodipamungkas, Very cool garden and it's reflecting as this game is inspired by any Historical Book. Enjoy this gaming session and stay blessed.

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Thanks,that garden of blood in my gameplay,thanks for stopping by in my gaming channel 😁

Welcome and have a great time ahead.

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Wow nice game

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Thanks you so much for watching,appreciated it 🤗

Nice review again 💙
subscribed ♬
Have a Great Day with 💙7💙7💙7

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Thanks you blueangel

Most welcome 💙💙💙
@jodipamungkas my id has not 'a' whatch out ! :)

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Haha yes sure,have great day for us blueangel 🤗

Yup ! :) thanks 💙💙💙

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Game seems interesting, and you have an interesting way telling it as well.

You should try,thanks for stopping by mobi 😁

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this is ps4 game? at first i thought it was an mmorpg.

Hmm maybe yes,i bought from steam,this games is similar to diablos 🤗

Oh what a great game thanks for sharing @jodipamungkas

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Thanks you somuch olivia for watching 🤗

Congratulations man :) your video had been selected again by dcontest for Promoting your video in our contest post😊 within 30 minutes :)

Get ready to get some more real engagements 😊

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Thanks for selected me again @dcontest and im ready for under attack 🤣🤣🤣

haha...attack by influx of response...

Haha i love like this ❤

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Thanks for support archdruid,really appreciated it ❤

I have not tried that game, may you solve Gorchev's problem and bring peace to the city.

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Yes for next mission maybe i can solve and bring back gorchev son and make peace to the city in this chapter 2🤗 thanks for stopping by jurich

You looked like a great warrior ad so enjoy the game. Thanks for sharing brother @jodipamungkas

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Thanjs for stopping by dean,really appreciated 🤗

This is what I want to have when I was a child but I did not afford to buy it. Anyway I am happy for you. Thanks for [email protected]

Someday you become a gamers,thanks for stopping by,and i wish all ppl happy to see my gaming content 🤗

As i see the game is very cool and the graphics are very good. Hope this game well be in desktop.

thanks for stopping by chris,yes you can just download or buy on steam ;)

I see. Is there a free download i the game LOL!

Excellent ballte scenes, Really I enjoy your gaming.

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Thanks for stopping by msena ,really appreciated 🤗

That good! you are again in dcontest.
I remember your previous video.
I do not understand English but the video is very well made.
I think that every day you put more enthusiasm and better graphics.
Happy life.

Thanks you marita for remember my video,really appreacited,i hope you happy with my gameplay 🤗

Seems interesting.

I dont know much about games but this one looks nice.

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