Monster Hunter World x The Witcher Mission Part 1 | Dtube Exclusive #213

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Hello my fellow steem and dtube,back again with me jodi pamungkas in my daily gaming video on dtube, today we gonna play again Monster hunter world since 3 month ago im never open this,this time we have special mission with another games,that The witcher ,this mission we play main character from The witcher,i make for the next part,because this mission to long,enjoyed the video and see you soon in the next one.

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Honestly i have never played this game before. Never even heard of it until i saw this video. Thanks for bringing it to my attention in this manner, its a really solid game, and i will put the word out to my friends to get it.

thanks you so much for watching my gmaing video,really appreciated

Wow it's a nice game, I will check it.

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thanks you so much olivia,thanks for stopping by,really appreciated

@jodipamungkas, Very cool Story Mode. Overall effect of your stream is very effective and enjoyable. Keep streaming and keep enjoying your Gaming Journey. Stay blessed.

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Thanks you so much chireerocks for stopping by,and thanks for give me some advice,really appreciated it

Welcome and have a great time ahead.

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It is interesting.
And what's next?

Next is part 2 about this mission 🤣

Good to know you are a gamer. I love video games too.😁


We love video games,thanks for stoppong by citimiliz

thanks ! :) @jodipamungkas 💙 for promoting #seven77 initiated by @nathanmars twitter Steem Awareness Movements !
steem 💙 On !


Great Fantastic Daily playing game review 💙

Always B Happy !
Have a Good Day ! :)

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Always bluangel,thanks you somuch for coming and watching

Most welcome ! :) @jodipamungkas 💙

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Wow! very nice game i do love game specially high graphics its drive me crazy with i play those games. i won't sleep till i get my first mission... thank you so much my friend to let me know about the game.

Thanks you so much for stopping by,realpy appreciated it

I loved your video. The graphics are very real.
I do not understand English but I was excited when you mentioned #seven77 and @nathanmars.
Good support for the family #seven77.
You have my Upvote, reSTEEM.
Thank you Dcontest for choosing good material for healing.

my english is little messy too hahaha,thanks for coming mariita 😁

The game look so real nowadays

yes this game have awesome graphich and make it like a real,thanks for stopping by @vangie

Firstly , mad videography skills. I’d like to learn that. I’m not a big gamer but from what I can see here there is a huge gaming community on the blockchain. This once again shows the versatility of the blockchain, there is something for everyone. Keep on doing what you are doing - steem on.

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Thanks you so much for stopping by missaj,sorry for my english little messy,im really appreciated it

Excellent graphics, just like a Hollywood Disney movie. Really I enjoy your amazing gaming.

haha thanks you somcuh msena,thanks for stopping by ,really appreciated.

I love this game so real

Thanks you so much cda,really appreciated

So much interested to this games

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Thanks you so much for stopping by in ny video dean

Congratulations man your video had been selected again by dcontest for Promoting your video in our contest post😊 within 30 minutes :)

Get ready to get some more real engagements 😊

Additional Information : is a Dapp founded by @freecrypto and developed by @neavvy

Waw,thanks you so much dcontest,i dont know how you selected me 🤣🤣

This game looks interesting.

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thanks you so much for stopping by ;)

I am not much game lover but this one looks nice. This is part one and howmany more parts?

maybe 2 or 3 part again with the witcher mission on monster hunter world,thanks for stopping by reeta

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