What is your purpose?

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A short video I made to get people to ask the why.

Why am I?

No really who are you? What is your purpose? Why are we all just spending our days working towards something that will all end in the near future. Our wealth, possessions, jobs and even our family (one day will all fade away) Wow that sounds a little morbid, I must say, but it is in fact true.

One day our once so strong and reliable bodies will fail us and we will in fact return to in which we were created. The earth. So what is your purpose? Literally what are you trying to do with this life you've been given?

By no means am I talking down as if I have figured it all out over here. I am saying questions that I have asked or even do ask everyday. Why? Because it is important for us to ask these questions. We were made to ask questions about life, about our futures and about our purpose. Life was never suppose to be easy. Life was never supposed to be understood. It's all a journey. It's all a mystery really. Just how somehow a sperm meets an egg and it forms a human!? Really? Then we cook in the belly for some months in liquid and pop out and breath air!? Pretty amazing.

You are pretty amazing! If you haven't figured it out yet, my blog is aimed at trying to give people back their worth. To empower people to know that they are important and that they have great worth in this world.

Now please take a moment and ask yourself why? and if your why is not aligning with how you truly want to life... Change that sheet up my friends! Life is too short to live in civilized slavery.

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I don't know if you made this but this is really motivational. I would like to make a video like this one day. This is art.

Wow thank you so much. Yes I did make this video and I am glad it gave you motivation. I'm sure you'll make a video even better someday! And please share the video so others can get some inspiration as well! Cheers!

It doesn't matter how difficult were the choices, how hard were the lessons, what really matters is the beauty of becoming You.

Yes! That is it! Great words my friend

Thank you for sharing this awakeness

Very nice post!! Making someone's life better, no matter how, no matter who...is mine! ;)

:) Thank you so much! I have followed you! Looking forward to seeing more!

Ahh I just felt like I was living in an alternate reality. Thank you for that breath of fresh air <3 Thank you creators of steem!!!! Can't wait to all party together in heaven! This video did a great job of capturing how rad life is. rock on.