Thank You for Watching FAIL!

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Tomas George and I were filming a course yesterday which included this failed outro video we hope you enjoy! Uploaded exclusively to!

Watch Thank You for Watching FAIL! video on DTube


We were filming this video to use at the end of a video we would put on YouTube were Tomas would then explain that the course was available on his website. Somehow Tomas missed one of the very last words and then dropped an f bomb out of no where which was amazing because neither of us curses that much any more. As we can see from the screenshot, I totally lost it laughing and wanted to put that as the actual outro for the video. Tomas asked for another take and I thought maybe this would make a good video for DTube?

We have a lot of fun filming our course. Where there is joy in work, the work tends to be enjoyed by others?

Jerry Banfield


One wise saying says: "tend to find a work that you will truly enjoy and you will not have to work any single day of your life anymore".

Wise words… But it IS hard to find and live on it.

Good saying, sadly most people hate their job and when or if the quit they get another job they hate. We go through years of school to learn to work jobs we hate so that we can make money for other people, but are never told how to make money ourselves. This is something I have struggled with for years and am still learning. Thankfully there are people willing to show how that have done it so the rest of us can follow. Now to separate the noise from the facts.

Thank you for sharing the video with me Tomas!

No worries, I'm glad you enjoyed my fail haha.

its cool cause it's natural and real is the name of the game, thanks for sharing

We need joy !!! Thank U

You're welcome and I do too!

That was hilarious!

That's so funny, love your work guys.

Love this australian? UK? accent 😍

Yes @tomasgeorge is from the United Kingdom :)

Haha, that's a funny blooper :D Thanks for showing us!

Thank you @jerrev I was tempted to not upload this for fear of it "not being good enough" or more like long enough compared to what I usually share! I appreciate you letting me know you enjoyed it!

Short, long.. That doesn't matter. The content is good. You're not afraid of showing us mistakes as well, and turns out: they can be entertaining as well :) Keep it up Jerry!

Bloopers thank you that is the word I was looking for! I could not remember it lol!

The middle part was entertaining, made my morning haha!! :)

Awesome Thomas I am happy you enjoyed it :)

We.e.e.lllll(pause)....(buffer).... iiiitttt.....loooooookk (buffer) s like it REALLY was going places but unfortunately went nowehere. - hehehehehe Love it!

At least you both had a sense of humour about it... thats what counts at the end of the day!!! haha

@jerrybanfield I launched a Youtube channel for my son a little while ago... (I think we will stay there until all the DTube creases have been and I would absolutely LOVE to share some of his content with you!!!!

He is REALLY a little package of "compact awesome"

That's lovely @jaynie you are collaborating with your son to make videos! I will make a video soon about DTube troubleshooting because I have had a lot of errors on my end and am figuring out how to get around them. I will be reading more of your posts again soon and I appreciate you consistently sharing with me!

Ha ha ha I didn't think failure is that much of fun :D Thanks for sharing with us!


@theguruasia it helps a lot to laugh at failures because there are so many!

Can d tube put a big dent in YouTube?

It's hard to predict the future but Steem will continue to grow bigger and bigger. DTube will follow as well and it will definitely have an impact on youtube, IMO. For example, ever since I started Steem and don't spend much time on Facebook anymore

It's Facebooks lose , thanks for your reply, cheers mike

Isn't that what the "d" stands for? :)

I've written about a dream I had regarding the corporate lifestyle. Is it funny-sad or sad-funny?

Haha you guys are funny. And if you like DTube, you gotta love Jerry
Probably ong will soon include Dtube in their dashboard as they will with Steemit

This is great. You can earn Steem and onG Coins at the same time by just posting on onG Social. I love it.

Yes! OnG has been around long time already and working for their platform that has already been in use before their first ICO. Rare case in crypto space.

shows ur passion about work...ha ha u...

lucky you are

can somebody tell me what is this error on dtube ? I can't upload a video while people uploading every 5 minutes there :

hahahahaha - I like fails, sometimes even more than the right shots, especially if I'm not on those fails. 😜 - LOL

You know you're doing something right when you're getting paid $100 for @tomasgeorge to say the f word haha

Thanks for getting me started on steemit Jerry. Everything from the currency to the social aspect are very interesting!

The video is indeed you fail but for me there is a very good side ... Thanks

I've been working on lots of content on influence recently. Look forward to see what you guys bring!

your awsome bro ;)

Good luck friend 👍.@jerrybanield

What fun, thanks for sharing!

"Where there is joy in work, the work tends to be enjoyed by others." Yes. So much truth in that.

Hahaha good that you enjoy what you do. The anecdotes that we have in our work makes us love more what we do

haha that's funny

Excelent post!

Funny stuff Jerry!

Nice one... This fail video will make everyone to laugh haha 😂 @jerrybanfield
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In your narrative you speak of language . I remember being told that was one of the habits that would fall off on its own time . Yes . I can validate that as true .

Thanks for this it's a classic imho.

Thank you for sharing the good information :)

wow that's so funny . love it!

great post liked and upvoted thank you.

You’re enough courageous to share the bloopers and out-takes you have done… Thanks

success comes after failure only.

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You are the hero I want to be like you and I would be grateful if you supported me

Hahaha...can't stop laughing..hahaha upvoted resteem

nice post keep it up bro :)

Still laughing. Very natural and comical, just being themselves but hilarious. Thanks for that moment.

ahahahah @jerrybanfield I loved it!!!
It's amazing to watch positive and funny vibes!!!
I read this article before a meeting and I was pumped up in my meeting because of my positive energy! :D

Thank you and god bless you!!!

haha nice video!

Hahaha extremely funny @jerrybanfield, P.S. you really look like Jim Parsons :D

Thank jerrybanfield, You are the reason i am here at steemit, If i didnot have seen your video i would not have known about it, since i always had a interest in writing, but i didnot know where to start :) I am enjoying alot

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Hahahaha So funny.

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jerry how your experience with Tomas George mean what kind of person

You guys are hilarious! :P

la risa es una excelente terapia!

I'm bitter! It wouldn't let me watch it! I want to laugh too! 😭

Life is the greatest adventure <(-.-)>

what is solution for this

Am I the only one here who thinks the guy in black is so fine 😍😍😍 ofcourse, I'm not gonna lie. @jerrybanfield is fine as wine too 😍😍😍