Wow trailer for a live future event :D
DTUBE lag is insane

I couldnt get the video to load . Too much lag me thinks .

Awesome! Do you know if there is any kind of stream or some kind of sum up (like a documentary) afterwards?

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LOVE THE INTRO! Made me laugh. Looks like an awesome time!

Very awesome speakers and really cool Idea. So glad there are other likeminded people and events out there like Anarchapulco. Best of luck to you Jeff.

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Again, be aware that this is sponsored by Roger Ver, who is trying to wrest control of Bitcoin using BCH, Jihan Wu (Bitmain, among other mining concerns).

A true anarchist wouldn't be taking money from a corporation like this.


Love this!

Awesome vid Jeff. Dtube lets the video down with lag. Hope they fix that.

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