BRINGING NEW LIFE TO OLD FOOD - Chicken, Sweet Potato & Veg Soup!

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Ola Foodies!

I think we are all guilty (to some extent) when it comes to veg wastage - and as much as it is gratifying to contribute it to your compost heap... giving it a new life in the form of something edible, is (in my opinion) a lot more gratifying - especially as far as the wallet consideration goes anyway haha!

There were a couple of carrots that were starting to look a little sad, some baby spinach that I would probably have thrown out soon if it had not gone into the soup, a handful of tomatoes that were less than firm and one left over chorizo sausage from a pasta dish which I made last week. So I combined all of those with some diced sweet potato, because I always have sweet potatoes in the house and a random pack of chicken fillets which I had floating around in the freezer. Flavoured up with a diced red onion, a couple of bell peppers, some fresh parsley from the garden, a little diced garlic, a dollop of chutney, chicken stock and some seasoning, it was the perfect combination for a great and hearty soup!

I think we can all agree that soup without a little bread and butter feels like an incomplete meal, and because I don’t eat bread it is a sad state of affairs haha - which is I am really looking forward to this meal because we purchased some low carb bread a couple of weeks ago from the market and I popped them into the freezer, so I can just grab slices as and when I have a craving for something on a slice of bread or toast… so this soupy supper was a real treat!

I hope that this video inspires you all to NOT waste the goodies in the fridge that are starting to look less than "perfect" :)


Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx


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This sounds like a winner!! Especially during the cold Cape Town winters. We don't eat soup often in Mauritius but we did have a lovely chorizo and lentil soup this week with freshly baked bread thanks to my daughter. 😊

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That sounds really tasty, and a really good use of aging veggies. I really like soups and stews and yes, especially with a good, proper bread.

Well I am not into making foods (guilty there) but yeah have seen various foods being wasted for various reasons, this way some of the foods might find our way to the stomach ;) Will share this message with some of my family members : )

There is always room for good food.
So strange it is winter there hot here ... tomorrow we should get some relief and rain...has been over 100F here...

These videos that you're creating for your recipes are AMAZEBALLS! This is the kind of stuff that gets shared around on social media sites - professional presentation, easy to follow instructions, yummy recipes.... and I'm TOTALLY going to brag that I know you when you become the Foodie Queen of the Interwebz!

Oh, and naturally I pinned this...

I love it because it doesn't waste anything, it's really sad when I get some food damaged, I think about those who need it and don't have it, this soup looks really delicious.
P.S. You're right the soup without a little toast is incomplete!