Orion Nebula & Twinkling Sirius

in dtube •  19 days ago

Our day started off cloudy but late in the afternoon the Sun broke through. The temperature reached an astounding 60°F. So we just have a quick look at M42, the Orion Nebula and Sirius. I didn't have the Nikon P1000 out so we couldn't zoom in any further - oh well.

6:25pm to 7:02pm Sunday Feb 3rd, 2019, NE Ohio, 47°F (8°C) - SE Sky

(Ohio is in the Eastern Time Zone)

-Atomos Ninja Flame 7" 4K Field Monitor/Recorder
-Canon 80D with Tamron 18-400mm Lens
-B&W UV Haze Filter
-SkySafari Pro app
-Benro C373T Carbon Fiber Tripod Legs
-SkyWatcher AZ-GTi Alt-AZ Telescope Mount

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