Toronto Steem Meetup: @steembirds Hangout with @tfeldman @lifesacircus & @ragingliberty

in #dtube6 years ago (edited)

After the formal portion of the Toronto Steem Meetup, @steembirds & friends got loosey-goosey, jammed out and laughed our way through some wine & whiskey before heading out to the bar.

ft. in this video is @tfeldman "folking out" real hard, @ragingliberty spacing out real hard, @lifesacircus dancing and @dan-atstarlite juggling. I'm (@jaybird) filming the fiasco while almost getting hit in the balls with a ball.


JB Lisbon.jpg

jaybird ~

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Sweet video! Good time...I didn't even know you recorded that take. My brother looked hilarious. I'm ready for the YEA HEAVY AND A BOTTLE OF BREAD!

Ya figured why not, at the very least i thought that maybe u would have wanted it.. ended up being a funny kinda moment of the hang every1 was kinda doing their own thing all at once.

Really close to my ballz lol

Lol. Close call for sure!

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