Video of my computer running the DTube Avalon node software

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Speech: Video on
LBRY: Video on LBRY Desktop App
LBRY Web: Video on the beta new LBRY web interface


A video -without audio- showing how my low-end 2012 Mac Mini is able to run the DTube Avalon node, which includes a database server and a NodeJS app. More than 500 MB are being used by the Dissenter browser.

I am also showing the low memory footprint. It can also be seen than 100% of the blocks on the DTube Chain are mined by the seven most voted leaders.

I was unable to upload it to DTube, so I have published it to LBRY instead. Click on your preferred link to watch it. Most people would prefer the Speech option.

Yeah. I know this could look like myself being some kind of trojan horse. It is not the case. I want to publish this video, but DTube keeps telling me that there was no video attached to the publication. On LBRY it just works.

If you have some spare votes left, please consider using one for my DTube leader node. Thank you!

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A mi si me dejo subir un vídeo a por fin ayer. Pero desde PC claro.