Crazy Swedish Kids Doing Big Air Jumps!

in #dtube5 years ago (edited)

Filmed at the Magasin Järvsö Big Air Ski and Snowboard competition at Järvsö in Sweden. This is some of the kids jumping, ages from 8 up to 19 years old. There's some pretty impressive tricks here even though the snow was "sticky" due to the temperature being plus 8, this slows down the skis a lot.

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That looked fun, was the slow mo done in post processing or did you use an iPhone for this?

iPhone so damned easy to film stuff and it looks so smooth. This was done with my old 6.

Woot! Kraazy :D Those kids do have some great skills. Awesome video buddy! Really got me motivated to make a video soon aswell. Thanks for sharing! Steem on my friend. :)

Haha glad I could motivate you! Do it!

UPvoted..Pretty cool Jason:)

Thanks man, yeah even cooler irl. That first guy going over was 13 yr old!

Man, this just makes me miss snowboarding a little more...have to go on another trip soon!

Yeah you need to carve it up! 💪

Yoo, those kids are talanted. I would land on my head if try something like that :D

Yeah I can crash on a small jump, anything over 1 metre feels lethal 😂

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