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RE: 2 Minutes with the Farmer: What are Your Favorite Alt Coins?!?!

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Howdy sir Farmer! Dang, how long has it been since you've bought Bitcoin? They're almost as fast as most other coins now, plus they're the safest bet out there, especially with the halving coming up and so much of the big money coming in.

So it's Bitcoin, Ether and Litecoin. The uses of all of them are just astounding now and increasing all the time. Dang near everything in business is based on some type of Ethereum code it seems like.

With an estimated trillion dollars coming into the crypto market and Wall Street going all in, the top blockchains are going to do extremely well. I just hope Steem catches some of that big money.


It has been a few months since I tried bitcoin. Have you ever tried xrp?

Yes sir Ripple is another top one. We invested a little in them but I'm not sure what you mean by "tried." I was going to ask what your top favorites are. I just base my picks from the investment newsletters I subscribe to.

My top pick is xrp. I am all for getting rid of banks and having bitcoin take over the finance world but I just do not think banks will ever let that happen. I like how ripple works with the current financial system. I have also been investing some in casinocoin. That is my dark horse.

By trying I mean moving xrp off of an exchange and onto hard wallet. That is my biggest complaint about bitcoin. It has take. Me one to two hours to get my bitcoin moved. Xrp has always moved in seconds.

Ok I get it about Bitcoin and I really like xrp too. The big banks are working on all kinds of blockchain projects and the ones they support will probably depend on the bank.

With Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Google all coming out with their own coins backed by billions of dollars it will be quite the fight. All of them want to be the world's digital currency. Of course the feds are also working on their own crypto.

But I think most banks will be using IBM's blockchain for money transfer. I forget the name of it, it's not stellar lumen but something that doesn't have a crypto coin.

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