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RE: DTube 0.8: The grand upgrade is finally here. DTV, DTalk, VIP system, etc

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talking about running an IPFS node: currently it looks like my local DHT hardly contains any hash from the DTube peer. Is it possible that you could make the peer ID of the D.Tube Peer (or several if you have it) public? So far I have not found a way to get them and so it is often the case that I could not find a single peer via ipfs dht findprovs here in Germany and therefore the operation of an own node has hardly any sense. The peer ID can be entered as bootstrap peer, so this would certainly be a good step to get more people to run a local peer.


Did you ever get an answer to this?
I'm trying to setup a small ipfs node to "auto pin" videos and related assets that I upload to

Hi @magali,
currently, D.Tube no longer uses its own IPFS node (as you can read here, they now have their own solution). Back then, they all re-initialized the nodes regularly (so there is no unique peer ID). If you now want to pin videos again (but they are no longer streamed via D.Tube), then download the video first using wget and then add it normally with your node.
Big f_cking Edit: Since when do they use IPFS again?!! 😮 Can they make up their minds? Seems to be running IPFS again now, but I think the problem will still exist, but I will stay on it.


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