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01:53 How to become a tour guide in Florence
04:54 Why you need a tour guide
07:51 Savonarola's demise
10:21 Neptune's Medici challenge
12:47 History hides in plain sight - Secrets of Medusa
15:43 Florence's Epic Pallazzo Vecchio
23:38 What it's like to work as a tour guide
30:05 Top of Pallazzo Vecchio
31:12 Oh no it's too much!

■ ITALY, FLORENCE: Upon my first visit to Palazzo Vecchio I realized I was in over my head. It's a fantastic museum to wander around in on your own but as I walked from one magnificent room to the next I started to get increasingly annoyed at not having a guide to explain the art, rooms, and history of the place.

Well, I wasn't going to make that mistake twice. Enter my Sri Lankan connections. They were able to get me a freelance guide as a favor to tour the palace with me.

Always on the lookout for entrepreneurs to interview and feature I, therefore, decided to take the opportunity to do a little interview about the life of this Florence tour guide for the benefit of you viewers who dream about also starting for yourself.

In between the questions I throw in some images from the walk I did through the Palazzo as well as some reasons for why you should hire a local guide when abroad and ESPECIALLY when in Florence.

Local private and group guides are available at (or near) most of the attractions throughout the city of Florence and they'll make your visit to the attractions improve exponentially.

I've now been to most of Florence's major attractions albeit I have not filmed at them all nor will I. I just wanted to say that the queues are visitors to Palazzo Vecchio are basically non-existent unlike at all other Florentine attractions. This despite it being by far the greatest attraction of the city in my humble opinion.

Harald Baldr YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKr68ZJ4vv6VloNdnS2hjhA

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