in dtube •  22 days ago

New Years Day and what a great time to set few targets for this platform and share them with you. Let me know what yours are?

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Hi Jacqui, was hoping you might tell us about your clothing business Sri Lanka and business venture in Spain. I had remarked about this before, but those videos don't load, thanks for all of your great content. Rich


Hi Rich Happy to do a vlog on my clothing business and venture in Spain. I'll have a good think today and do it in the next few days. Thanks for your interest.

I really love all of these 5 targets for dtube! I hope you wouldn't mind if I followed them and made the my targets too, right? haha I mean they are just too good not to follow.

And about your 3rd target, coincidentally, I have just announced a contest about it on my latest vlog, powered by drisers community.
Why don't you give that a look and give your feedback and possibly PARTICIPATE TOO!!!
Really looking forward to what you would have to say!

A very very happy new year!!


Hey more than happy for you to follow the targets too. That's a great compliment!
I'll definitely have a look at your vlog and would love to participate!
Thanks for your comments and enthusiasm!