Let's talk about cash & curation [Dtube Inspiration]

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In this video i talk about the importance of curation rewards and cent coins. don't matter how small the income is!

[this is a dtube exclusive video and one of my Dtube inspiration series where i talk about everything that inspires me and perhaps inspires you]

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What i realized
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I completely agree.... See what I did there? I just curated your video! BAM!!


BOOM here we go: win win win ;D

That's true! With my low SP (158 now), I make approximately 0,5 SP every week! That's not bad and that can be a lot of money if we believe that the price of Steem will increase in the future.


absolutely, you got it! keep on stacking those 0.5 and mind the compound interests will increase. and the price will increase for sure!


That's the way to go!