A future store concept! Crypto is calling? [Dtube Inspiration]

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In this video i talk about a future store concept. Avec is a convenience store in Zurich Switzerland. It works without employees. You enter with an app and scan the products you want to buy, by yourself and cash out automatically with the app as well. Can you smell the potential for cryptocurrencies?

I've been hired by avec to document the concept with my start up gourmendo.
check out the trailer and the full vlog (subtitles available)


Full Vlog

(no subtitles yet)

[this is a dtube prerelease video, right now only available here on Dtube! probably this video is going to be posted on other video platforms but for now only available here.]

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interesting .... so they have to trust people to pay and scan correctly for the products?

They said the system relies on trust but they have some security systems:
-You can only enter the shop with the app and there you are registered with ID and Credit card.

  • They have cameras installed in every corner of the shop.
  • some secret techniques they didn't want to talk about. perhaps a undercover security agent waiting outside the shop?!
    im excited how the people will like the experience when its open for the public.

how do you guys like the new shop concept they've built? can you imagine shopping like this?

I find this very interesting. If shops are like this, no need for attendant or cashier to stay all day and wait for customers. This is what blockchain technology can bring to the world.

Very cool concept and there's definitely room for the implementation of crypto....but how's Avec Box different from Amazon Go?