Tokens are out! [Dtube Inspiration]

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In this video i talk about an amazing project @yabapmatt & @harpagon & @aggroed released. you can create your own token now for only 100 Steem!!
i am so pumped about this news. I saw this news in a post of @exyle he already created his own token and is distributing it to the community =D

Check out his post here:

Token creation website:

Exchange coming soon:

[this is a dtube exclusive video and one of my Dtube inspiration series where i talk about everything that inspires me and perhaps inspires you. This is produced in collaboration with Linkseven 77 and its Znap project]

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I’ve been seeing this , and I was wondering and waiting to see what are the advantages of this vs SMTs.

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Created by a team that know what they are doing


well if i understand it right, SMT come with the whole upvoting and distributing ecosystem that a project will be able to implement. so the idea is much more complex. This Steem-Engine is right now a minimum viable product. you can create tokens but that's it for now. the rest you have to develop by yourself, the distribution and algorythm etc.

Cool this is interesting and saw the Vlog of Exyle was some good news indeed. Well seems like there will be flood of Tokens I believe but it is indeed a good news and lets see how it comes out.


whats good is that you have to pay 100 steem so people will think twice if they want to create a token. otherwise everyone would make his own worthless token.

Of course you have presented the good news to us and tried to convince you through your video. It must be a good news thank you for presenting such a beautiful video to us and presenting such a beautiful news to us.


im glad you like it buddy and you enjoyed watching =D

Steem Engine looks very interesting and its already working.

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abslutely thats what is amazing. simple and working!

Something that took steemit over a year and a half with a massive budget and they are still struggling with it was created by someone else much smaller. Just another example of how junked up steemits company is seriously. The amount of money they have been blowing is just ridiculous.


i have no idea what they are cooking there but i can only imagine they want to make their smt system perfect and struggle to release something simple as the steem engine.

Great news! thats crazy


thanks mate im glad you like it

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