The Pen - How does Steemhunt work? - A blocktrades sponsored contest

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How does Steemhunt work? In this video i explain you how simple it is and why @steemhunt is for everyone! I tried to underline the tutorial with some engaging cinematic footage. i hope this is useful and you'll have fun to watch it.
Share this with your tech-addicted friends :D ... and bring them on Steemhunt:

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This is my entry for the Steemhunt video contest hosted by @anomadsoul with @steemonboarding
This contest is sponsored by @blocktrades
Thank you guys for improving the blockchain with your effort! you guys rock!

[this is a dtube prerelease video, right now only available here on Dtube! probably this video is going to be posted on other video platforms but for now only available here.]

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Awesome video, please make a hunt for that pen! Keep it up. One of the best moviemakers on steemit in my opinion!

thanks buddy, im glad you dig the trailer!! haha i should really concider to post that pen :D

Love it man!

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thanks a lot Ash!

This video is fantastic!

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thank you so much!!!

Good work! I always like your creative promo video!😀 Good idea and very good tutorial!

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thank you mate, im glad you like it!!

wawo your video is very nice
i am big fan of you

thanks a lot buddy im glad you like it!

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It's really a great video. One of the funniest of yours. Thanks for the creativity. ☺

This video is dope, like wow, Total tv commercial style

Maaan the quality of the edit is craazy! Watched the whole vid with open mouth :O

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