Unboxing A New Toy For You To Watch!!

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Hey Steemit and Dtube! I continue to upgrade my workstation/gaming setup with a new Redragon K556 RBG mechanical keyboard today. It is my first mechanical keyboard. So far I absolutely love it. This was the perfect price point for me, and the reviews were great. I couldn't be happier. In addition to being an awesome keyboard, it also lights up with LEDs like the rest of my setup, so I can make it match whatever color scheme I am going for! Awesome!

I recorded the unboxing for you to enjoy. My old keyboard is filthy!!

Special shoutout to those who have inspired me. Definitely check them out: @brainpod @zainenn @clixmoney @onelovedtube @kawaiicrush

Thanks for watching! Don't forget to check out my other videos, follow, and leave a comment!

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Lol, nice. So disgusted by your old keyboard. Thats a bright new keyboard you got there.

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@Itskyle, that is a sick keyboard! I love a good clickity-clackity keyboard. Them the real feels!

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