I've Reached 200 Followers! Plus A Bonus Update!!

in #dtube6 years ago

Hey everyone! I have two awesome updates to share with you today. First, I've reached over 200 followers! Woohoo! When I saw that I was very excited. Now onto 300+! The way I look at it, new followers must mean that I am making content worth watching, and that drives me to do even more. The second thing I wanted to share was that I earned my first DTube upvote! I was so excited to earn that! Next up, I'll be recording a video for @clixmoney. Stay tuned!

I want to thank everyone who has supported me and helped me better myself, both in terms of understanding Steemit and becoming a more proficient content creator.

Don't forget to follow me and leave a comment if you like my videos!

Shoutouts to @zainenn (wouldn't be here without you) @clixmoney @dcooperation @minnowsupport @onelovedtube @steempowerment

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This was really good man. Congrats again on that past @dtubeupvote and I look forward to the future "organic content" you mention! I like the end splash screen haha!

Thanks. I feel like I've improved my lighting over the last few videos too!

For sure, I was actually looking into lighting stuff, that is my next investment. Can you send me a link on discord for those fiber optic lights you use?

Hey buddy you are doing a marvelous job....hope a great success at DTUBE also....all the best

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Congrats @itskyle! Fantastic news. I'm pretty new to all this too, so it's great to see someone taking action and seeing results. I had my first one this week as well, so I can relate to the excitement of it all. Keep up the great work!

That's what it's about! Congrats for you too @antihustler!

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