Priceless Reaction!! Hope Finds A New Home!

in #dtube6 years ago

Well, we didn't expect this reaction. This video captures the first moments that we introduced Hope to her new home. Usually when I bring a cat home, especially an older cat, they will be nervous and cautious at first. Not Hope. All Hope wanted was love. She didn't care about anything else - other cats, a new house, new smells, new sounds, nothing. All she wanted was human attention.

A little backstory: I wandered into the pet store on Saturday to look at fish, and it just so happens that it was cat adoption day. Of course there were many kittens, but there was one black cat there who was 7 years old and immediately stood out. Her name was Hope.

We asked about her story, and it ends up that her previous 3 owners have all died. Her first owners were a couple, who passed away, and then she was taken in by the couple's son, who also recently passed. I know what you're probably thinking - and I'm wiling to take the risk! Up until the point she met us, she was living in a now-abandoned home and being cared for by a neighbor. Today, she's surrounded by toys, food, companions, and love. I hope you enjoy the video.

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Special shoutout to @zainenn @brainpod @onelovedtube @dcooperation for being great.

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This is great I read the description and u did a really good thing in taking her in

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Great, her reaction shows this cat has the best abilities to find a new home. ;-)

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