Take Five

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Take Five is a jazz standard made famous by the Dave Brubeck Quartet and was actually composed by Brubeck's alto saxophone player, Paul Desmond.

It's one of my favorites to play due to the unusual quintuple 5/4 time signature.
Not too many well-known songs are written in 5/4.
This is probably the most famous one, the other one being the theme from Mission Impossible.

Thanks for listening! :-)

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Sounds really good. I liked to inquire more about this genre.

This is one of those pieces that you've most likely already heard somewhere, but had no idea what it was called or even that it had a name. That's how it was for me anyway. I know I've heard this before. Thanks for sharing.

I have an extreme fondness for music made in odd metres, especially 5/4. Here are a couple I really enjoy:

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wonderfull music <3 reesteem