Dtube #30 | First Tryout at Making Dim Sum Dish | Loh Mai Kai

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I'm back to my FIRST cooking tryout!
This time is one of the local favourites at the Chinese Dim Sum Cafe - Loh Mai Kai.
It actually translates to Glutinous Rice with Chicken but of course there's also other ingredients.

I'm pretty proud of myself since my Home Food Critics gobble up the entire plate and then another one this morning. Hope you enjoy this video.

Special thanks to @nathanmars & @clixmoney who inspired me to start on my journey with Dtube. Now, I just can't get enough of it and I don't want it to end at all. Welcome to the Dtube Revolution and the best part it's evolving everyday ! So, before it's too far ahead, join us NOW.

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You might just find a different YOU in video as compared to writing.

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Ada sample lagi ka? Look at the duo face😂 priceless la!

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Don't you think that two over drama.. Can win Oscar award :)

They're just being honest 😂

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I have to agree that it's actually really tasty :)

Wahhhh.... This looks delicious and from the boy and man's look, it must be simply the best!!!! Enjoyed watching your video :)

Thanks so much. Sometimes I just have the need to try new dishes and it's simply wonderful when it's appreciated by loved ones.

Now I've got to look for another new dish to try out 😆

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Must be so delicious! Would love to try that.

With strong credentials from both hubby and son.. even if it wasn't it must sure taste good :)

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