Return of the Kung Fu Dragon (1976) Full Movie

in #dtube5 years ago

On the idyllic phoenix island in the south china sea a golden city becomes the birthplace to a new form of Kung Fu. Soon an evil tyrant threatens the peace and harmony of once such a proud city. A generation passes and a brave prince, a fearless princess and a foolish dwarf with the powers of invisibility team up to return a kingdom to its people as they wrest it from the hands of the evil tyrant.

Directed by Chick Lim Yu

Produced by Wen Ho Chen (producer)
Hsiang Ping Liu (producer)

Written by Lee Ge-Sun (screenplay)

Yu-Yen Lin (story)

Music by Mou Shan Huang

Edited by Yen Chu Lieh

Release date

Country Taiwan

Language Mandarin

License: Public Domain

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