Louisiana Hussy (1959) Full Movie

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Louisiana Hussy is a 1959 sexy American film directed by Lee Sholem. Love and jealousy surrounds this hot backwater girl.


Nan Peterson as Nina Duprez, alias Minette Lanier
Robert Richards as Pierre Guillot
Peter Coe as Jacques Guillot
Betty Lynn as Lili Guillot
Howard Wright as Cob
Harry Lauter as Clay Lanier
Rosalee Calvert as The Real Minette Lanier
Tyler McVey as Dr. J. B. Opie
Smoki Whitfield as Burt, the Manservant
Helen Forrest as Callie, the Gris-Gris Woman

Directed by Lee Sholem
William Rowland[citation needed] (uncredited)

Produced by Charles M. Casinelli (producer)

Written by Charles Lang (original screenplay)
William Rowland[citation needed] (uncredited)

Starring See below

Music by Walter Greene

Cinematography Ted Saizis
Vincent Saizis

Edited by John A. Bushelman

Release date

Running time
85 minutes

Country United States

Language English

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