Bloody Pit Of Horror (1965) Full Movie

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Bloody Pit of Horror (Italian: Il boia scarlatto) is a 1965 Italian-American gothic horror film. The film, set in Italy, stars Mickey Hargitay, Walter Brandi, Luisa Baratto, and Rita Klein, and tells the story of a group of women modelling for a photo shoot, when the owner of the castle becomes the Crimson Executioner, bent on their deaths.


A group of individuals including the writer Rick (Walter Bigari), Daniel Parks (Alfredo Rizzo) his publisher, and his secretary, Edith (Luisa Baratto), their a photographer Dermott (Ralph Zucker) and five young models enter a seemingly deserted castle to take photos for a horror photonovel. The castle is actually occupied by a former actor Travis Anderson (Mickey Hargitay). Anderson initially desires to send the group away, but recognizes Edith who was once his fiancée and changes his mind but places the dungeon as off limits for the group. The group ignores this warning and proceed to take photos there. This angers Anderson, who dons a costume and takes the identity of the Crimson Executioner who was hanged centuries earlier for the crime of having his own private torture chamber. Anderson eventually kills each member of the group until Edith and Rick remain. Anderson succombs to his own torture devices and is killed by the poisoned barbs on the "Lover-of-Death" machine. Edith and Rick then escape with their lives.

Directed by Domenico Massimo Pupillo

Produced by

Francesco Merli
Ralph Zucker[1]

Screenplay by

Roberto Natale
Romano Migliorini[1]

Story by

Roberto Natale
Romano Migliorini[1]


Mickey Hargitay
Walter Bigari
Luisa Baratto
Ralph Zucker

Music by Gino Peguri[1]

Cinematography Luciano Trasatti[1]

Edited by Mariano Arditi[1]


M.B.S. Cinematografica
International Entertainment Corp.[1]

Release date

November 28, 1965 (Italy)
May 16, 1967 (United States)

Running time
87 minutes[1]


United States[1]

Box office ₤65 million

License: Public Domain

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