Your upvotes planted these trees. Lets plant more together

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It is #treetuesday and I decided to plant a couple of trees here in Lobitos, Peru. The tree planting efforts are part of the Steem forest project. Where we on the Steem blockchain will plant a forest around the world to offset our energy usage.

This week I traded 9.09 Steem (3USD) for two native trees from @ecoswell.

All you have to do is upvote this post, et voila, trees will be planted weekly.

All Steem is from this vlog is forwarded to @steemforest and the Steem Power retained by @intrepidsurfer. To read more about this:

Please feel free to message me with questions or comments,


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Nice post @intrepidsurfer congratulations! And also thank you very much for the steem and the @steemforest initiative. It is good to know that those babies algarrobo and charan found their place from the @EcoSwell mother nursery to your home.

At @EcoSwell our main for-impact project is propagating native species of trees by germinating and growing seedlings locally and actively involving up to 75 families now in the effort from both the neighbouring towns of Lobitos and Piedritas, in northern coast Peru.

Planting native trees restores the local degraded ecosystem for endangered and endemic species of birds and other animals (not to mention that it also restores local water capture), while at the same time fostering collaboration between community members and raising more ecological awareness.
We hope to keep growing our collaborations in the future thanks to the power and support from the blockchain network! Go @steemforest, Go #LobitosVerde, Go #PiedritasVerde!

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