Coolest Photo Contest. Week 41

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Week 41's theme is enjoying the ocean or sea.

There will be two weekly Steem surf photo giveaway posts: 1) Sunday (vlog) to declare the start of the week and announce the previous weeks winners and 2) Thursday (vlog) is voting day.

Voting day is when I will make a special post and place all photo entries in the comments section. Here you get to vote for your favorites. Anyone is welcome to vote.

There are now also two rewards (0.5 Steem each) that will be given randomly to two voters for Thursday's post. Yes, you could get rewarded for voting too. Feed back on this would be appreciated.

Week 41 prize pool for photo contributors is 5 Steem and will be disbursed as follows:

1st place: 3 Steem
2nd place: 1.3 Steem
3rd place: 0.7 Steem

All you have to do is post an amazing photo shot that YOU have taken. A quick description of the mood of the photo would be nice. I am not expecting that you tell us all which spot it is or roughly the area.


First tag must be intrepidsurfer

Title must include "Steem surf photo giveaway [Week ..]

Please indicate where the photo was taken. This will be plugged into the map.

All photos must be original and only posted here on the Steem blockchain. There is a zero tolerance to plagiarism.

Add a link (plus picture) to your surf photo to the comments section of this post.

-Spread the word to your friends. Easy way to meet people and potential get rewarded.

The winner will be decided by a public vote on a post I publish on Thursdays.

In the event of a tie: I will decide and award accordingly. Please also note that I retain the right to veto any photo.

Happy photo sessions everyone.

If you would like to see my posts, then find me here @intrepidsurfer

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My entry (click the image to view the original post):


Glasssssy :) Good spot to play ball.


Ha ha. That’s for sure.


thanks a lot, the surf photo contest is awesome!


Stoked! Thank you.

Here's one from yesterday. We actually had a pretty fun day after 2 months of nothing burgers.