Tree planting with upvotes. How we can help offset our foot print

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Hey everyone,

I was a bit rushed this morning. Being summer here, early is better when it comes to getting things done. Hit the local market before it got too hot, started my dough for bread and now planning to plant trees again.

Last year, when I just got into Steem, I started to plant native trees to Northern Peru for upvotes on Steemit. This was done to coincide with rainy season here. Just means the tree saplings have a better chance to take in the long run. It only lasts a couple of months and it is back for 2019.

Tomorrow I will plant some trees for our Steem Forest.

Happy days,


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It is indeed a very nice initiative and the way you are thinking about the nature through the help of Steem is indeed something very exciting and yeah Steem is indeed making a difference in our life . Keep up the good work of yours and my Vote is not that much but glad to be a part of it : )

Steem On !!

Yesss! One of my favourite initiatives on Steem 😎

I am super excited about it too :) I just got three to plant this evening. Plus I am talking to the local not for profit. They have the tree and plant nursery. Rain season makes planting so much easier.

Is this the same local nursery as before or a new 1?

Same one as before. There was a nice big batch planted nearby by them. I did a vlog about it last year. I want to update with some drone footage they have.

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