The ease of staking in a project is phenomenal!

in dtube •  last month 

Hello everyone,

I woke and first thing i did was check my Steem-engine portfolio. Then I collected some curation rewards and then traded them for tokens that I see value in. You know, the ones you want to invest in.

Then I realized more clearly that this is relatively effortless and is just going to get more fluid. Anyone, anywhere, anytime can invest or trade in token they see value in. Then no 'middle-man' to slow you down or take their cuts. In or out. Simple.

Have a great week everyone,


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tokenise the web.

Oh yeah! I can only see growth for all tokens. We are going to see human capital flow effortlessly. There will be of course bad actors, but as a community we tend to weed them out quite quickly. Look at Steem, now scale it up, which is already happening with like the tokens in Steem-engine. It is fabulous :)

tokens for attention is massive. just check out the stuff and my blog to read the latest on it. gonna be a smash hit!