How I Tried a Public Speaking Board Game – Inspirational Vlog #2

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Hi Steemians,

Today I will show you the first ever public speaking board game! It's pretty cool, I promise;)

As you might know, I am striving to improve my communication skills and I am attending a public speaking club. This weekend we had a special event called Residential weekend – a weekend full of workshops and fun activities.

The keynote speaker, Florian Mueck, delivered an amazing speech and when I sat at the same table at dinner, we started talking and I found out that he created a public speaking board game! So cool! We tried it straight away with all the people at the table and I loved it!

Who would I recommend this game?

  • People who would like to improve their public speaking skills
  • Extroverts (cause they like talking anyway:)
  • Introverts (who want to overcome their fear of public speaking)
  • Anyone who loves board games!


Your Inspiranka

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I got to try that one of these days 😀

Yes! :) Let me know if you liked it!:)

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Thank you for the info:)

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