Dtube Vlog 80 - I AM ALIVE!!! But Where Have I Been?

in dtube •  6 months ago


I'm so glad to finally be back on track guys!
I'm sorry for not having uploaded anything in the past 2 months or so?

I was fully into my exams and didn't find any time to do videos.
At first I intended to just reduce the amount of videos but then I recognized that I need every single minute for studying.
I was very hard and I am so happy that I did it now.

After I finished my exams I needed a break.
So I decided to make a roadtrip through the beautiful Cote d'Azur.
I think I will give you some impressions of this fantastic region in the near future.

I really had a great time there. This video I recorded when I started the roadtrip.
I have you'll enjoy my future videos.

Has anything changed in the past 8 weeks?
I noticed at least the prices of Steem and BTC haven't risen yet again haha.

Love for all of you,
Jason - Infinityroad

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Hi Jason!

I really was wondering where you are! Nice to have you back here with your blog and congratulations to your exam! You did the right thing concentrating on your exam, very well done!

What changed in the past 8 weeks? Probably a lot. From my perspective I would like to mention a new sports and fitness project on the steemit blockchain. It is called Actifit and you get rewarded with a crypto coin by doing sports. This project is running since about one month and it is skyrocketing! This coin also will be exchangeable with STEEM and therefore also with FIAT-money, once it is setup as "Smart Media Token". It all looks very promising to me.

In case you are interested in this project please have a look here: @actifit
I think it has a lot of potential and could be of great value for all steemians and the entire fitness market. So far, I am very enthused about it and I created, just for this purpose, a second steemit account.

Anyway, I am looking forward to new posts from you. In the meanwhile have a nice vacation!


Hey Peter, thank you for your valuable comment and for the reminder of the activist project.
Indeed this project seems very interesting to me, so after reading your comment I checked it out directly.
The intention to inspire people to be more active is brilliant for me.
Only in the practical performance I see some issues up to this point.

I use an iPhone, so I have no access to the playstore.
So I don't have the opportunity to use the app right?
I hope that they change the point that you have to make a contribution after every day.
In my opinion this is useless spam for steemit.

But the idea is really interesting and I would like to participate If I have the opportunity with my iPhone.


Thank you for your comment! Yes, in the moment there is only an Android app, but the developers say that an IOS version should come "soon". How soon that is, I don't know.

So not to spam my main account with my daily actifit posts, I created a second account. You are right, this is not the best solution, but this project is still in the "Kinderschuhe" and so I believe this all is changeable. I can see the potential of the project and hopefully they find finally a good way to manage it.


Yes I'm fully with you.
Great idea.
I wish I new about this project before I started my vacation.

I made about 15 000 - 25 000 Steps every day during my road trip in Southfrance.
If I had an Android I would have gained some tokens for this haha :)


This is true, but I think, it is not too late. The developers probably know that they have to deliver an IOS version of the app very soon, as there is a great demand already.

Look in about one week I earned almost 1000 tokens.

And who knows, where this stuff is going (with SMT and so on)?

Man!!! It is nice to see you here again. One expactation of me is a nice post of Cote d'Azor. :) Welcome back dear @infinityroad


Hey man, yes I will show you some aspects of the trip definitely.
Maybe I will do a little series out of this.

Alive - in voller Pracht!!!! :-)


Hehe wie geht's dir mein Freund?
So lange mit niemandem von hier mehr ausgetauscht.


Ich habe die Stellung gehalten... ;-)

Have a great holiday in France! :)


Thank you!
I'm already back at home :)