The Cripto-Yogui Show #2 - Making an spoon, a cup o coffe, and being self sufficient with cripto and hand skills...

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Namasté cripto world and cripto citizens of the @dtube and the @steem blockchian and outsiders.

This is the 3# episode of "The Cripto-Yogui Show". and it is a really special one because i filmed it in a beautifull place where i was more inspired with my mind more clear and my body more free.

If you loose my other show here i put the links :



I will be really happy if my dear friends @nathanmars @madushanka @prettynicevideo can have a look and just give some answer.

I am loving my new life outside the insitutional works and in that way i will be producing more and more ocntent for you and the dtube ecosistem.

Love to you all from argentina ! buenos aires .

The cripto Yogui @ignacioarreses

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Enjoyed watching the whole video bro!

Super excited for your new life :)

Sending you #STEEM powered love 💕 from Japan 🇯🇵

My absolute upvote for these video! I didn´t know you are not only a yogi, but also a craftsman ;) Very nice! I like the way you go. You look so happy.
I totally agree living self-sufficient, to be responsible for your own life. My goal is it, to grown my own food and living in an self-catering house in a warm country (maybe south america). I´m looking forward to your self made cup ;)
Next days I won´t be able to support you, because I am away. When I´m back you will get my full support. Keep on working! See you.

Oh so nice, thank you very much my dear. Yes I try to challenge myself with proyects and new stuff to estimulare creativity and grow my skills. Most of the people in the city’s stay in city’s because they don’t know how to make and imagine other possibilities to live and create.

I hope that you can achieve that and go to live in some place in South America. Argentina is a beauty place to live. We have amazing nature.

Let me know if you came !

Best for you and let’s talk when you return !

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Great decision to grow your own skills! We have to learn to take responsibility. Yes Argentina is very nice :-) I will let you know when I come to your country.