Black Swan? 31M ac Unplanted. $65 hay bales in Ohio.

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$65 hay bales in Ohio and 31 MILLION unplanted acres of corn in the US are a testament: we are witnessing massive blows to modern agriculture. 80% Raspberry Crop Lost in Serbia to snow/hail. Media stories referencing the cooling are disappearing down the memory hole even as the FDA and EU change their definition of food expiration dates. Start building communities around resilient and regenerative agriculture NOW.



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$65 hay bales in OH:

80% Serbian Raspberries:

India: Hail/rains, farmers demand compensation

China: Rains Shrink Loquat Harvest

Argentina: Rains kill crops

California: 500% normal rainfall, too cold/wet for rice

FDA/EU in concert, suddenly introduce guidelines for food expiration dates:

Weather Woes Continue:

Arkansas sandbagging parties:

Oklahoma Cowboys on Boats:

Corn Planting -- a lot of uncertainty:

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