Coronavirus: "To Really Destroy the USA, Just Stop Sending..."

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The US imports 97% of antibiotics from China. Those supply lines are shutting down. What happens now? Christian explores medical shortages experienced BEFORE coronavirus, and asks: Are we about to witness a collapse of US healthcare?




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Many do not even have any idea of the extent to which commerce depends on China for supplies, ranging from machine tools, to consumer electronics, to chemicals/pharmaceuticals. Regardless of industry, those supply lines are utterly severed today and a broad and deep spectrum of industries and companies are about to, or are now, run out of stocks (despite some stocking up that was preparing for the Chinese New Year holiday break).

Either we will henceforth experience economic and civil disruption without surcease, or native manufacturing will begin to be effected at a Marshall Plan scale across the West. Either way we will experience a substantial disruption that will begin immediately. A massive push to begin native manufacturing will make that disruption less than permanent, but it will be unprecedented in the experience of Western societies and endure for years, diminishing in effect as various industries recover depending on the time necessary to restore production for that market.

No matter how you slice it, business as usual is simply a thing of the past. We have entered a new economic paradigm. Shenzen was the source of ~90% of consumer electronics, and now has been quarantined. No more products will be coming from Shenzen for the foreseeable future.


Edit: Something like 5 - 7% of global population is now under quarantine for this highly virulent and deadly plague in China today. Given our just in time business models, dependence on global supplies, and the highly artificial economic market, it is impossible that extreme social and economic disruption is not now beginning. Couple that with global disastrous crop harvests, and view it all through the burgeoning censorship and propaganda that has impacted information dissemination in the last decade, combined with a careful consideration of the Event 201 discussions that strongly lobbied for a fascist global imposition of social controls and implementation of an iron curtain of information suppression to 'prevent panic' during pandemic, and it is obvious that the West is about to be plunged into a dark age of surveillance and police state repression.

On a personal note, I feel poignantly how fortunate I am to have had my heart surgery just prior to this disruption. I needed Heparin, and without it I would have died.

Timing is everything.

Unfortunately I think you are quite right (and I posted about it over a week ago).

For a country who turned bacon into bullets I think we'll find a way to overcome.

When? I couldn't get necessary supplies yesterday. No one is getting in front of this problem yet, and yesterday is when we needed political leadership to do so. When we can't get supplies anymore is demonstrably too late, and across the world supply disruptions are closing factories already.

If they're waiting for us to feel the pinch, that's a bad sign IMHO. We need statesmen, not profiteers seeking to make big bucks from our desperate need.


From an article I ran late last night, depending upon if China's being honest, the number infected is beginning to slow. Specialist say it should start to diminish over the next couple of months as weather conditions improve and are less favorable to the virus to grow. As long as they can contain the spread in the next couple months the damages will be temporary, I hear the auto industry is starting to slow because of it but automobiles sales are vital to the economy new car sales aren't a necessity one can't wait a month or two to buy, like food and water. I am sure the government stock piles enough essential food supplies to hold people over for a few weeks if it comes to something of that nature. In the meantime they have been infusing cash into the stock market which isn't a good thing but it's better than letting it crash as that will come with a whole new host of problems. People will find alternate vendors for things like nails it'll just take them a little extra time to locate, order and deliver. Hopefully by next year they'll have a vaccine that is more than just in the early stages as quoted this morning, there probably won't be much of an objection by some in China willing to be early test subjects by passing here what would take two years to get accomplished. Unlike in some foreign countries here there will also be available unemployment compensation to those effected, for others though who make similar products here they should see a up tick in business which may help alleviate some of the economic losses.

I can only say I admire your positive attitude.

Yeah well the news out tonight is that the decline was temporary, the numbers are climbing again. I feel really bad for that couple caught on the cruise ship. (actually everybody but they are on the news so you feel a bit more apathy for what they say they are going through) They are hold up in their cabin, they said they refuse to come out and no one's coming in, which isn't funny but in a slight way it is. I hope everything turns out alright for them, what a terrible way to start out your married life and the cruise line offering everyone a refund probably isn't going to hit it to making them feel better at this juncture.

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