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Streamed live 11th March 2019

PLEASE join me at the Royal Courts of Justice, The Strand, London WC2A 2LL, at 9.30am on Tuesday 12th March 2019 for Lyn Thyer's extradition hearing

  • Lyn Thyer (biochemist) is facing extradition by Le Cleiss (the French equivalent of the MHRA)
  • Rise in knife crime. Dramatic fall in thugs being convicted in knife crime being sent to jail
  • Protection of revenue stream of corporations
  • Lyn Thyer's extradition order was issued 2 years ago, yet there is a 60 days limit from when it is issued
  • We need a full court room tomorrow to support Lyn, please come and support her
  • Increase in violence by children against their parents (main reason is reduced time allowed on phone).
  • Momentum have released a video to stop the alleged anti-semitism in the Labour party. There are so many wrongly stated facts in the video. It says, It is a myth that The Bank of England is a private bank and The Bank of England is a state institution, This shows the length the political parties go to prevent people from knowing the truth.
  • China has built more high speed railways than the rest of the world put together because the Chinese are not reliant on the global banking system. The Chinese government manages the issue of their own interest free currency.
  • North Dakota is the only state in USA that isn't bankrupt because since the 1920's they have been outside of the Federal Reserve banking system. They issue their own interest free money for projects in the community.
  • Livestream tomorrow afternoon after Lyn Thyer's court case

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