"FLAT EARTH THEORY" T.R.A.P. Issue 1 (homemade sci-fi rap space opera)

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Hey, Steem-Rollers. Life has been crazy. Got a toddler now, and took on full time work as well as part time study, so I haven't had much time to focus on creative productions. Anyway, I've finally got the last episode of my TRAP show ready to release. And I'm going to premiere it right here on Steemit/DTube. But first, the rest of the season... Issues 1 and 2 are going up hopefully this week... culminating in the final edition shortly after. Hope you enjoy this one! Much steemy love to you. H

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Home-Made Sci-Fi Rap Space Opera

Oumuamua has entered nearish to Earth orbit and on board 3 intrepid envoys from the Fungal civilisation of the Trappist-1 system prepare to analyse the way these 'HUMAN BEINGS' are arguing on 'THE INTERNET' these days. And what better way to begin that mission than with the surprising debate around what shape their planet is. What will the Trappists make of our debate skills, and what Rational Weapons will they wield in their effort to help us out? Let's find out in this Heroic Dose edition of Issue 1 of T.R.A.P.... "FLAT EARTH THEORY"

Creation/Writing/Performance: Hugo The Poet
Shoot & Editing: Flomos Productions
Intro and Outro beat: TKay

(this one wasn't SOLD when I first picked it... promise!)
Main Trap beat: Roman RSK

Human rap beat: Noise systeM

Rupaul beat: DAWE

Fabric Costumes and Head Pieces: Jason Chalmers
Set Props and Additional Costuming: Steve Willis AKA Light Wizard
Gun Build and Shoot Assist: Zoë Amanda Wilson
Popper and Mama Earth make-up: Liz Surtees
Rock and Communication Module props loaned from Mick Scarlett, Culture Jam
Audio mix and master - Fahad Abdulaal

This production was made possible thanks to the generosity of my Patrons, contributors on Pozible, and the finance of EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS:
Elphie Coyle
James Honek
Luke Kellett
Shane Neph
Dean O’Callaghan (GOOD BREW CO)
Jeff Redmond
Daniel Roberts

Support the creation of more weirdness: https://www.patreon.com/hugothepoet

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Great to see ya back again :) Check your discord for some advice on tribes and tags to help you earn a little more and get some more visibility for your content

ok, good to know. But, until next year rolls around and I have a bit more time up my sleeve, I'm equally strapped for time to investigate that as I am for making content. Will look forward to learning in 2020!