DTube vs YouTube - the advantages of blockchain

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 Hello guys,

Today I’m going to cover a bit different topic than usual. A bit than a month ago I registered my steemit account. I was new to this platform and to blockchain. I had a lot of learning before me. But I was determined to get to know this platform, and something that most of you know as “steem ecosystem”. For those of you that have no idea what is the meaning of those two worlds here is an explanation: “steem ecosystem” is a term that contains all websites based on steem blockchain.

I want to talk about one specific website - DTube. What is a DTube (beside a website based on steem blockchain)? Well the answer couldn’t be simpler - it’s a video streaming website. It’s almost the same as YouTube, but in my opinion much better.  The layout is very similar to YouTube’s. So it’s easy to use.

Now you might wonder how DTube is better than YouTube. Well let’s start with censorship . As many of you probably know YT doesn’t play games and is often to fast to delete a video. What's far worse they use their power to push their own agenda. Also the thing that particularly annoys me as a viewer is when the “video is not available in your country” communicate pops up. With DTube of course those problems don’t exist.

A second advantage that DTube has over YT is the the whole demonetization problem on YT. If you want to be promoted by the platform on YT you have to meet all algorithm requirements first. Only after that your views can get you on “trending” and you’ll receive smoe payout. Where as DTube doesn’t have any algorithm or an agenda you have to follow. Only views and likes count here. If your content is good a lot of people will view it and like it. That’s how you’re gonna get your revenue. Not by meeting the 10 minute mark, or having at least 1000 subscribers.

So yeah, I think that wraps it all what I wanted to say about DTube. If you guys like those kind of articles I will think of doing them once a week. Every article would be another steem-based website.

Hope you guys enjoyed. And see you next time. 

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Wanna try out Dtube as I had trouble logging in some months ago. Heard that there may be a new kid on the block 'THETA' , wondering if you've heard of it?

To be honest, I didn't know about it, but I will deffinitely check this out.

Well thanks for bringing it up. Very interesting article.

It's nice to hear that.