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  • I NEED an evening glass of wine
  • I CRAVE sugar or chocolate after dinner
  • I Feel like I’m constantly running from task to task
  • I get a second wind just before bed that keeps me up late
  • I have water retention - puffy face, legs, feet and hands and you feel light headed * I frequently have to us the bathroom in the middle of the night
  • I can’t shed any pounds no matter how little or how well I eat
  • Exercise doesn’t help me lose weight or even look more toned
  • After a really stressful week my belly suddenly looks bigger
  • I feel wired at bedtime but exhausted in the mornings

Cortisol belongs to the glucocorticoid family (substances that raise your glucose) and is the hormone that controls your:
• Hunger cravings
• Digestion
• Blood pressure
• Sleep/wake cycle
• Ability to cope with stress

When cortisol is chronically elevated, it will impair other hormones, like progesterone, estrogen and the thyroid.

This is why you might be experiencing symptoms such as weight gain, feeling wired and tired, problems sleeping, unable to slow down and unwind and are quick to get angry.

Fixing the problem:

  • Make sure the meals have protein & fiber * Seed Cycle to balance your menstrual cycle (see my YouTube channel)
  • Eliminate xenoestrogens & Persistent Organic Pollutants
  • Support your liver (milk thistle, beet root juice and bitter greens are all good)
  • Make sleep a priority
  • What is making your life stressful & what simple measures can you take to begin to change it

🍎Vegan Macro Coaching
*Properly balance your hormones
*Improve your digestion
*Improve Adrenal Fatigue
*Build lean muscle and burn belly/thigh fat
📩[email protected]

Exercise 1: Cable Chest Press
Exercise 2: Tricep Extension

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👠Vegan shoes from blowfish

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