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Hello Friends,
A woman is unique not only for one's mother or sister but also for her patience, struggle, courage, fortitude, etc. But in society some rules, inequalities, discrimination make women feel weak. There are many laws and policies for establishing women's rights, but none of them are implemented. It is possible to create a happy and prosperous world if women and men work equally.

Today I will talk about some discrimination or inequality towards women in our society:

• In our society, inequality in education of women is the highest. An educated girl is not given the same dignity as an educated boy.
• Many people do not believe that teaching a boy means educating a person and teaching a woman means educating an entire family.
• There are various inequalities in the workplace women. Men have higher pay structures, promotions, increments, etc. than women. In most cases, women are not employed in many organizations.
• Women are victim to various social prejudices, excuses of religion and social inequalities.
• The first place a baby grows up is her family. In our society, however, since the birth of a girl, the boy begins to discriminate against his daughter

Friends, we need to eliminate discrimination against women, women education, empowerment of women, abolition of the feminist society, equal rights of men and women in the workplace. Let us all together stop violence against women, build a fair and beautiful society.

|> tania <|

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Yes I am with you, we do need to eliminate discrimination against women in the work place! But just for future reference, just know that the weedcash tag is exclusively for cannabis content. Keep fighting the good fight.

very positive message. one love.