Where I want to Live- Response to @dmilliz

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Lately I see the question from @dmilliz about Where do you wanna live? I am giving my response-

As time goes on by changing, like as humans we also change. Our actions, interests and dreams are constantly changing, considering the situation. Just like everything controls time, the situation also regulates our lives.

When I was very young, I used to study in school. Then I thought, America is the most powerful country, if America can go, then we can be happier than most.

When I was a little older, I used to go to college. I dreamed that if I could finish a study in a European country or take a big degree, it would be possible to be happier.

In fact, with the change of circumstances, our needs and dreams also change. Now I work, I do not get too much salary. But I'm fine. Because I live in my native place. There is nothing more than happiness in living in my own country.

Maybe in my country the advantage is less than the developed country, but the people around are very different. So, in my opinion, being a country's first class citizen is better than being a second class citizen in my country. So I want to stay in my native country of Bangladesh.

Thank you so much all.

Also Thanks for support @drisers @onelovedtube & @bdcommunity and always thankful to @nathanmars, @r2cornell, @alphasteem, @brettcalloway, @kenny-crane, @hashcash and @kabir88.

|> tania <|

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Very good. Happiness and peace can be where ever you make it to be.