Steemit Logo built in Minecraft

in #dtube4 years ago

Hello everyone, so... I decided to make this nice little logo in Minecraft today, I really hope you enjoy it took longer than you could imagine. I wanna do more of these so leave your suggestions in the comments section, nothing too impossible, but challenge me.

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▶️ DTube

DTube logo next? :D

Great idea, will do ;D

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wow... it looks cool.. how much time did you spend on it...

amazing! pls make LoL logo next :D

Nothing short of amazing. I love how you guys can create so many things inside a video-game.

That is what Minecraft is for anyway and thank you, I do it mostly by sketching it out on paper first. And I am thankful that people enjoy this kind of stuff.

That is cool creation. Looks very easy and fun

It seems easy at first, but not until you actually start planing it lol, that is a whole different story. And thank you!

Thank you very much!

The way you did it looked so easy. 😨 But I can tell it ain't easy if I actually do it myself.

It isn't anything difficult either it just takes some planning on paper that's all.

Ah! I see! Makes sense. Nice info to know. Thank you!

hi @hisir
We are @steemauvergne.... an association of 5 steemians, i am @yann0975.
We organize soon a Dtube contest.... international... just have a look at my Vid on @steemauvergne... i just explain this...
With your VID you could try it.... or with other category...
Maybe you could do a vlog for this contest too !!!!!
We are in FRANCE... and we will send the Price by Post to the winners if they are not at our FRENCH MEETUP on 2018/03/03...
Just have a look... may be you will be interest !
@yann0975 for @steemauvergne

you still spend time in MC? looking for people in some quantity to do things in a realm or server.

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