Promoting Steemit and Dtube to 450,000 People at Once. Let's Give YouTube a Run For It's Money!!

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I'm Brian, the owner and creator of the YouTube Channel HighImpactFlix and the HighImpactFlix Facebook page. My aim is to create useful, relevant, exciting and engaging content that will inform and IMPACT those who take the time to view it. Bottom line: I strive to make it worth your while to check out my videos!

Thanks for watching/reading. If you enjoyed this or, if it impacted you in any positive way, consider sharing and commenting. And, if you want, Upvote and alt text It's MUCH appreciated! Revenue generated goes back into creating even more "in-your-face" content. Peace!

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Great content Brian ! YouTube has went through some interesting changes and so has the STEEM blockchain. If nothing else the more ways we can get our message out the better.

Great editing by the way! Also I don't know if you know about the site I feel that they would really like your message as well! It can also be another way to push traffic to your YouTube and Steemit following

The internet is a threat to the controllers of the MSM so what else could they do but try and control the narrative on the internet as well.

Your point about a world without greed based on reputation and love is HUGE.

I also appreciate the fact that you will give kudos to someone, not because you agree with them but because they were in the right in their fight for freedom of speak and thought.

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I am a researcher , I have found out that there is substance in The Matrix movies beyond the merely metaphorical , censorship is evil ,but what is really going on is mindblowing , we literally have entities growing inside us controlling us and others around us , I have noted over the last weeks that steemit has changed , I am wondering if it was not hijacked in some way.

I so much love this great effort at keeping steemit clean. Nice one and there is still more work ahead......

Hey there! I heard of steemit and made an account BECAUSE of you, nukka. I've been a loyal youtube subber of yours for quite some time. Thanks, btw, it's only my first day but steemit is friggin' AWESOME and I'm loving it so far X-D

I just hope I’m not hurting your channel by only watching you on STEEMIT ❓I’ve been slowly migrating all of my favorite channels here on steemit , with some obvious exceptions like RT NEWS , and SOUTHFRONT which haven’t switched yet , but I keep telling them to . Your doing great work , and don’t worry many of us already have your web site , and other means of watching you , so you won’t get away from us that easy .🤣😂👏👍 I avoid YouTube as much as I can , and I boycott Google products as much as I can to show my displeasure with their FASCIST mentality .And I have NO FEAR in expressing myself to the thought police .