EXTREME 90-day Natural Body Transformation Video - EVERY single Day in Under 4 Minutes

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"If I knew I was gonna live this long, I would have taken better care of myself" - George Burns

In a couple months I'm going to turn 50 years old! Half a CENTURY! How the HELL did THAT happen?!? I can't even believe it! When I get out of bed in the morning I, quite literally, feel just like I did when I was 17. It's like I'm getting out of bed and going to high school. But then I walk past the mirror on my way to the toilet and I'm like, "what the hell!?!" That's one old-ass high school student. haha.

I knew when I was producing and editing this video and saw my own transformation with my own eyes, that people would accuse me of taking drugs or taking some kind of supplemental enhancer in order to achieve such dramatic results. I assure you I did ALL this NATURALLY with the same access to the same resources anyone else has:
Here's what I did, in a nutshell:

  • I started out detoxing my body for two days. I ate NOTHING for 48 hours. All I drank was this stuff called Life Change Tea from https://getthetea.com (No, you do NOT have to take this. You can make it yourself. But I gotta say, this stuff REALLY cleaned me out in a HUGE way. If you do get this Life Change Tea...just tell them HighImpactFlix sent ya. You may get a discount...I don't know. (and NO I'm not being paid to promote this...like I said, you can make this stuff with your own ingredients) I only mention I took this because people say to me, "tell me EXACTLY what you did."
  • Increased my Protein intake (about 1.1 grams per pound of body weight - per day) I started at 224 lbs. and ended at 190 lbs. (a 34 lb. loss)...but the scale was irrelevant to me. What mattered was gaining muscle. I ate 6 to 7 times a day. Small meals being sure to get in 30 to 40 grams of protein. I ate my protein FIRST at every meal.
  • Decreased my Carbohydrate intake (I started at .75 grams per pound of body weight - per day and ended with approx .25 - .30 grams)
  • Drink PLENTY of water! I drank between a gallon and 1.75 gallons per day (be careful with this though because you could flush away too many electrolytes...THAT is NOT good)
  • Resistance training 6 days a week - EVERY set to failure (many THING they've gone to failure...but they haven't) Going to failure is VERY difficult because your mind tries to convince you that that's all you can do...but you can still do more.
  • I did HIIT cardio 6 times a week (20 minute sessions) I think this is too much. I would cut that back to 3 to 4 times a week. I think I sacrificed muscle and, as a result, hamstrung my fat burning efforts.
  • Get PLENTY of rest!
  • Eat PLENTY of veggies
  • Take your vitamins (I just took an over-the-counter Multi, Niacin, Liposomal- C, and Astaxanthin) That's it.

I'm NOT a special person with exceptionally good genetics, as you can tell from my "before" pictures. This is something YOU can achieve if you have the desire. As they say, a man will do what he wants to do. Please let this motivate and encourage you to be in the best health you can be in...so that you can be as strong as possible for the harsh things life tends to throw at us. Peace to you and yours...thanks for watching my video...consider sharing it and if you have any comments or questions please feel free to lay 'em on me in the comment section below.

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Amazing transformation! Incredible. I love that you're not selling anything here except consistent hard work. Very well done.

And wow... that's a lot of selfies. Hahah!

Amazing work! What an achievement in such a short time. Well done :)

Huge misconception that the human body needs protein from meats. You need the amino acids from protein not the protein itself. Meats are very acidic to the human body forming mucus and inflammation leading to "all" dis-ease. Dairy is another big one. Like big pharma the food industry has fooled and retaught generations through their parents to actually create dis-ease within our bodies. You can get all the amino acids and more through plants and have a lean muscular body without much work at all. It just depends simply on will power and knowledge. Garbage in- garbage out. I digress.

Do you have a particular plant-based diet in mind that you have muscle-gaining experience with?

Hey brother. By the way, Love what you do and glad to see you here. I followed your you tube channel for a long time. I started a mostly fruit and veggie diet with the exception of eggs about a year and a half ago after seeing Dr.s and chiropractors for about six years due to an unexplainable back issue pertaining to being bed ridden for 1 to 2 weeks twice a year for no apparent reason. It consistent of limited movement, spasms, charlie horses and just phuckin' pain all together. After being raped, pillaged, and pilled up(their main solution adding more toxins and poisons to the body creating more of a problem) I found Dr. Morse and Dr. Cassar on you tube. Through their wisdom on the body I went all out fruit and veggies. The first month I lost 25 LBS and to date have lost right at 50. Mind you I'm 6' 1" and at that time weighed 225LBs. A bit overweight but not obese in my mind. To date, I have had no back issues at all and weigh 175 fitting in my high school pant size. I eat as much as I want within this diet never feeling hungry AT ALL and have more energy than I've ever had. I'm 46 by the way with a night job and a 3 and 6 year old. I'll run circles around anyone half my age on this life style period. The answer to your question is dark green leafy veggies, Red skinned grapes and melons. There is a product I've found for protein shakes made from plants it's called "Life's abundance" Plant protein. Tastes like shit but what of these products doesn't. They all take some gettin' used to and can be flavored better by adding fruits of your choice. I suggest to you and any one reading this to check out those Dr.s and learn how to open the kidneys up for maximum filtration of the Lymphatic system(sewer of the body) and drain the swamp so to speak. All your ailments will go away and you'll look and feel better than you did in high school. Or not, stay on the SAD diet, feel like shit as you gradually destroy your body on a cellular level spending loads of money with Dr.s who prescribe pills and cut on you( their only solutions) losing the last 20 years or so of your life being a lab rat. Again love what you do................... I digress.

impossilbe u can be like this in 90 days >.<

Really? I must have forgotten to tell myself that when I did the "impossible" in 90 days.

dude you no the same one in the picture!

lol watch the video!

Explain...cause it seems like you're calling me a liar. I have video evidence to prove that it was 90 days straight. I took video of each and every day of my transformation process. Also, because I knew there would be nay-sayers and doubters, I let my beard grow in an unbroken sequence. Of course, my girlfriend didn't like that too much since I basically became Grizzly Adams before her very eyes. So, what is the point of your disbelief?

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