NZ shooting Helmet Cam Uncut Uncensored Video WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT!!

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If everything we see on this video is the real deal (and these days, you never know) there is no good reason that it shouldn't be made available for the public. "Officials" tell us that this should not be in the "public domain." Mainstream media tells us we shouldn't have access to this kind of content. Social Media giants are trying to scrub this from the internet. Freedom says, "if you wanna see it, here it is....if you DON'T wanna see it...don't watch it.

When people scream for censorship (which is just a euphemism for CONTROL), they are saying, "I don't want to see that and I want a third party to keep YOU from seeing it." How arrogant!

So here's the New Zealand shooting video nobody in the mainstream wants you to have access to. THANK YOU DTube, for having the balls to go against, basically, EVERY outlet and treat us like the adults we are! Everybody get a Dtube account, subscribe to my channel here and let's fight back against censorship..


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this should be a lesson to show what people look like when they are helpless, only criminals have guns and the normal joe gets to run around hiding ... sadly these people didn't even get a fighting chance, this makes me look at my situation and thinking about getting myself a gun tfor protection for me and my family .RIP my heart goes out to all those people and their families :(

I voted you down because the person who committed these murders recorded and live streamed his actions for fame, notoriety, and publicity and in honor of the 49 victims I refuse to grant that evil son-of-a-bitch his wish.

He probably also did it to inspire others to do the same thing where they live.

No sir. I will not publicize evil.

This has nothing to do with censorship, and everything to do with respect for the 49 victims and their families.

your a fucking retard
youd rather have people kept in the dark like jerkoff beanie drug dealling and rolling over on his businuss
no censorship[ buddy but i guess you agree with beanie jerkoff censor everythin you dont agree with right
go back to facebook

good for you man you know whats going on

Actually....he says he didn't do it for notoriety in his "manifesto" if that's even his. Regardless, it's too late. I doubt very much I will come close to rivaling the "fame and notoriety" he's already gotten from MSM in the last 10 hours alone. Further, I see no disrespect in showing those who are living what could happen to THEM if they're not prepared (as these people clearly weren't). Fish in a barrel is what they were..and that is how they died. And it's a damn shame. EVERYONE should see this and learn from the mistakes of those who met their fate unnecessarily at the hands of a psychopath.

Imagine if just two people set up in the far corner with their weapons trained at the doorway. As soon as the gunman entered he would have been met with a hail of bullets instead of the whimpering cries of a room full of unarmed, helpless victims.

Shielding people out of "respect" is why we have censorship. So...I disagree with you. This has EVERYTHING to do with the deadly idea of censorship and NOTHING to do with disrespecting the dead or their families. TRUTH is truth and reality is reality....and showing everyone this reality should serve to reveal the absolute IDIOCY of "gun control" (PEOPLE control).

check this out this came out during the shootings its like a production film with sound track and poeple must have gone home to clean up the blood they were covered in

Brian Young, as I am myself is an independent commentator who gives analysis and investigates these crimes with a clear minded analytical view. There is much that can be learned from this video, just one of which is what we can do to respond to and prevent these incidents. If you truly want to "respect" the victims....THEN LEARN WHAT TO DO TO PREVENT ANOTHER ATTACK.... Online censorship is not the answer. I hAD THIS FOOTAGE IN MY private google drive files to analyze it and write an article and Google went into my private drive files and removed it with all links I had in the file. Your emotionalism does not trump our right to a free and independent press. If laws come on the wake of this, (that affect far many more living than dead) we have a duty and an obligation to cover it and learn from it.

It’s a psyop. It’s staged. How do you fire a shotgun into a windshield and not create a hole? How do you fire multiple times, point-blank at someone in a narrow hallway against a wall, and not have a single projectile impact the wall? How long is the response time for police in New Zealand? How many people in cars saw a man in full SWAT type gear, carrying weapons in broad daylight, openly fitting on the sidewalk, and failed to call police? How many improbable factors do you need to see before you start to question what you’re being told?

the number of times those folks were shot they would have been bloody messes. You don't see any bullet holes in the walls, no casing on the floor. On top of that, why didn't the group just rush the guy? Another interesting thing I noticed is him returning to the hallway to get another clip, he did not drop them on his way in.
I am calling gun grab on this one.


For as many bullets these people were pummeled with they should be soaked with blood from head to toe. I think this is another NWO gun grab, which is exactly what it turned out to be. I apologize to those affected by this if real, however, the victims ran into a corner and stayed there to be killed? Something is very off in this video. I appreciate you posting this Brian, I am now looking at this incident in a more critical way.

check this out this was a production .. it came out as it was happening .. it has a sound track like a movie and people apparently went home to wash all the blood of they are saying they were covered in

Thank you for posting this. It's disturbing but must be uncensored. Nothing should be blocked from us.

@ around the 8min mark when whoever is outside- why do the brass shell casings vanish into the air?

@ around the 8min mark when whoever is outside- why do the brass shell casings vanish into the air?

I guess the censorship is at also, whenever I try to watch any of the videos about this, only listed/linked outside, it automatically goes to homepage no matter what I do.. =S

(edit) Well it is available but in my case only through, not even in site I can see any related video, and it still don't play..

Ohw s#!7 there he goes again, uncle bernie and it's flag wars, the agent of the 'elite' that have nothing better to do, I now don't even care about this video, for all the propaganda that have already invaded every freakin' place, still, thank You @Four20..

And is little bernie on fire again or she, I mean he, never really stopped?
I have him on mute so I don't really know, and steemit need more people thinking like this: Flagging is an act of VIOLENCE and it is not profitable, Why do it?

Or, maybe change the way flagging occurs, one vote being always one vote and not based on VP..

I think you are correct. Just because he has a little status does not make him moral or right. His tunnel vision is very telling. He flagged my post about NY approving the late term abortion. Bernie is a petty little man with lots of steem. But that is all he has.

That is sad still, I believe we can teach new people arriving to this platform by example, by not becoming like little uncle, what is indeed easy to happen given the right conditions, I've flagged one guy that was propagating some s#!7 and in the end I didn't felt that good, there was an exchanging of flags to no avail, but I was pissed off that day and instead of starting by commenting, went straight to the flag, kind of regret it now for not have being a good example, only happened once so I think It served the purpose of learning a lesson..

Shame on me =X

On the abortion topic I'm actually against it, I can't find a reasonable justification to take the life of a human being (or any other life for that matter) unless in self-defence, and even in that specific situation it has to be under direct threat of losing one's own life or in defence of another under the same threat not able to defend.. Plus, to conceive, two are needed so, I don't give any credit to the excuse of "my body my choice" or "it's my blood", cause it's not in fact, it's a new set of DNA, blood, an entire new life that should be taken care of.. But this is another conversation..

Thank You for the answer, take care ;)

Great post. It doesn't seem like you are getting the likes it deserves though. Have you checked out the upvote communities? You should check out steemengine. or

I don't believe it. this is another hollywood-style movie as we've seen so many times before

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