Want to Win 2 Steem?

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If you are interested in winning 2 Steem, you should watch the video! Steem Terminal and Hey! Have Ya Met... ? are sponsoring this contest each week (Wednesdays) on @priyanarc and @blind-spot's show P&B's Chit Chat Show.

Each episode we try to invite guests and founders of the projects from block-chain who will share their thoughts , concepts about their projects even anyone can come to do some chit-chat with us.

Visit their most recent episode HERE

2019-01-29 (3).png

Visit their most recent episode HERE

This duo has some pretty awesome guests if I should say so myself. They ask questions about their guest's projects and talk about life. It's a lot of fun and rather entertaining because they are just so much fun. So far they have had @dreemsteem to discuss her @spunkeemonkee project, @heyhaveyamet (@xcountytravelers and @brittandjosie) talking about the Steem Terminal, and @nathanmars telling us all about his process for Linkseven77.


One of the things they are doing is offering 2 Steem for one person each week for those who enter into a contest. All you have to do is upload a photo of you enjoying your favorite drink in your favorite vessel. That is all, you DO NOT have to upvote (it would, however, be nice of you to do for this amazing duo) and you do not have to resteem the posts either! All you have to do is put your photo into that week's show's comments. So easy, right?

2019-01-29 (5).png

So what are you waiting for? Grab your mug, enjoy your coffee, and enter to win 2 Steem today!!!"

2019-01-29 (2).png

Thanks so much for watching our commercial and don't forget to support @priyanarc and @blind-spot on their show P&B's Chit Chat Show on Dtube!

You can view the video on YouTube here

What is Hey! Have Ya Met...? Check out our Linkseven77 introduction!
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Cheers everybody !!

Very good thinking for helping...


You should. It's fun to show off your favorite mug and drink!

My thank you is not enough for you guys... Absolutely love the concept and video... Well... Where is EVERYONE??? :D :D There is 2 steem giveaway going on... :D :D


You are most welcome. Loved making this video!

now that is totally amazing. on the contest. of photos of people with favorite beverage. cant wait to see the photos


Can't wait to see what you upload!


Yes, this is amazing post....

Oh this is cool. Would have loved to participate but ...

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you should show off your mug :D


They will be doing it every Wednesday, so you have a chance to participate each week!

this is such an awesome video!

It really is that easy to win 2 STEEM on #pbchitchatshow

Thanks to steemterminal and HHYM!!!


See! It's THAT easy!!!!!

But don't do it here... do it on the next #pbchitchatshow

i always try to seen your every episode. cause this show is more entertainment. overall nice. #pbchitchatshow🍺


They are wonderful! We will be resteeming each of their episodes on our blog page so you can always find them there. Don't forget to post your mug shot in their current show's comments!

Love it Ren. You guys rock.


Thank you so much @robertandrew. We just love supporting this couple of crazy kids! @priyanarc and @blind-spot are amazing. You should watch the show and drop in your mug shot for an opportunity to win 2 steem!