First time DTUBE - Uploading my own electronic music - Massimiliano Pegassi - Dampfhammer

in #dtube4 years ago (edited)

Hello Steemianworld today i tried the amazing DTUBE.

I always wanted to find an alternative to Youtube and what to say DTUBE is amazing.

There are still some minor bugs and flaws. The search seems to be not worked out yet.

But hey its fast like hell. Uploading the video was easy and everything feels like we know it from Youtube.
So I hope mass adoption will come as soon as the people realize that they can earn their money on this amazing platform. No need to wait for a payout from Google. No need to add annoying commercials.

The first video will be a song and video I made with FL Studio.

Have fun with the song with STEEM and with DTUBE.

▶️ DTube

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Thanks for sharing this nice track. Very relaxing. Keeps me calm after a long day of work...

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