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Do you know any way we can 'appeal' a censorship? Seems contradictory. I'd be happy to try if it's possible because honestly we deleted these videos as fast we could, and the censorship was unfair in the first place.


Not sure of what (if any) due process they conducted. I guess a letter to the "Minister for Communications" couldn't hurt.
This guy.
minister 2.JPG
If you want to call him, on those phone numbers replace the (02) with a +612 for aus and regional area code.

source of screenshots

I plan on sending a letter, but it would probably carry more weight if it comes from you guys as founders of the site.

Yes the censorship was completely unfair and arbitrary. They blocked heaps of other sites at the time also.

"we deleted these videos as fast we could"

@heimindanger Github being owned by microsoft, and microsoft being a large corp that is susceptible to political pressure, isn't it possible that they could turn off github websites? What about using alternatives to github?

No, I have been banned from Palnet, STEEMLEO, WEEDCASH, STEEMIT FRONT END! This is terrible! Oh pardon me - I thought you were talking about your STEM GEEKS BAN? oops!

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